Civil Engineering Workshop
Civil Engineering Workshop
Civil Engineering Workshop enables the students to get a practical idea of the various theories and concepts introduced in first year of Engineering Studies. It is offered in Semesters I and II to students of all specializations. The course includes the conduct of experiments on Field Area Calculation, Volume Computation and Levelling problems.

Surveying Laboratory
Surveying Laboratory
The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with modern surveying instruments (Total Station) and with traditional instruments (Optical Theodolite and Optical Dumpy Levels). The laboratory course imparts basics of Land Surveying to Civil Engineering Students. It offers a practical course as per KTU syllabus in the third semester. The laboratory facility has the potential to take up survey of land/field as consultancy work. It also has the facility to offer short term courses in Total Station Surveying.

Material Testing Laboratory – I
Material Testing Laboratory
Material Testing Laboratory I provides state of the art services for investigating properties of common materials related to engineering applications with an emphasis on the fundamentals of structure-property-application relationships. Typical experiments performed include measuring the strength of materials in terms of its ductility, hardness, brittleness, toughness, fatigue, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity etc.
The equipment available in the laboratory include Universal testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Impact testing machine, Brinell hardness testing machine, Rockwell hardness testing machine, Vickers hardness testing machine, Helical spring testing machine, Clerk Maxwell Reciprocal theorem apparatus, Torsion Pendulum & Fatigue testing machine.

Material Testing Laboratory – II
The Material Testing Laboratory II provides facilities for major tests for cement, concrete and tiles which includes test for compressive strength, flexural strength, fineness, mix design of concrete etc. These facilities can also be used for consultancy work. The various equipment in the laboratory include Vibrating Machine, Digital Motor Mixer, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Concrete Mixer Pan Type, Vee Bee Consistometer, Flow Table Apparatus, Vibrating Table, Flexural Testing Machine, Tile Flexural Testing Machine, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Geotechnical engineering laboratory helps in identifying the engineering behaviour of geomaterials (soils and rocks). Different physical, chemical and geotechnical properties which are determined in the laboratory are required for identifying the geomaterials. This information is used by a Geotechnical Engineer for designing the type of foundations, earthworks such as dams, embankments, tunnels, reservoirs, pavement subgrades, and specialized applications like waste containment systems. The facilities in the laboratory can be effectively used for conducting undergraduate classes and also for research & consultancy works.

Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
The Transportation Engineering lab has modern equipment for testing different properties of pavement materials. The tests on materials such as tests on soils used in the fill and subgrade, the aggregates used in various pavement component layers and the bituminous binders and mixes used in top layers of flexible pavements can be done in this lab. The equipment in the lab can be used for consultancy work like pavement mix design and testing the quality of materials used in pavement construction. The laboratory consists of CBR Apparatus, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Los Angeles Abrasion test Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Ductility Testing Machine, Ring and Ball apparatus, Stripping value apparatus, Pensky Martens Apparatus, Standard Tar Viscometer, and Centrifuge Extractor.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
The environmental engineering laboratory offers students hands-on exposure to APHA and IS approved water and wastewater quality testing procedures as is normally done at a water and wastewater treatment plant. The laboratory has sophisticated equipment to analyze pollution parameters in water and waste water. It is equipped with state of the art UV-Visible spectrophotometers, Turbidimeter,  pH meters, Conductivity meters, COD reactors, BOD incubators, Hot Air Oven, Water bath, Autoclave and other equipment dedicated to water and wastewater quality analysis.

Computer Applications Lab
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
A state-of-the-art fully air conditioned lab with 37 workstations having latest configurations, which satisfy the computing requirements for various laboratories and project work of students. Internet connectivity is provided for all the systems. The lab is enriched with licensed application softwares like AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, ETABS 2015 & Primavera for modeling, analysis & design of structures and construction management. The lab is effectively utilized for conducting FDPs, workshops etc. for the benefit of students and faculty members.

Applied Mechanics Lab
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Applied Mechanics lab enables students to see and experience engineering mechanics concepts related to force, mass distribution, and motion. The lab consists of Gravesand’s apparatus, parallel force apparatus, centre of gravity apparatus, inclined surface apparatus and simple pendulum.

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